Below is Brad's letter, updated for April, 2009:

Dear "Stamp Collectors":

On March 2, 2009  the Quaker Missions Project mailed out a $1400 check to Right Sharing of World Resources and another $300 to Monteverde Friends School. Those donations reached the $71,275 mark in total giving by the project since its inception 13 years ago, the vast majority of funds raised from the sale of used postage stamps.

Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of F(f)riends all over the world, 103 different "Good Works" have received financial help over the first 13 years. This seems to be a remarkable achievement considering the source of much of the funding has been from the little regarded used postage stamp. We thank every one of you for your continued support. And we thank our volunteers in the Mattapoisett area who help with theprocessing of donated stamps.

 Following are some of the leading recipients of funding over the years:

Friends World Committee for  Consultation     $9,600

 Right Sharing of World Resources                    $10,300

Monteverde Friends School  (scholarships)      $3,900

Palestinian Refuge Children Play  Center  $1,850    Quaker United Nations Office                            $1,100

Quang Ngai Rehabilitation Center  (Vietnam)  $1,100

 African Great Lakes Initiative (trauma  healing, etc.) $1,825

 Medicines, lab equipment at Lugulu  Hospital, Kenya  $1,425

Quaker Earthcare Witness (formerly  Friends Committee on  Unity with  Nature)  $2,940

Wilmington, Ohio, college Peace Center           $875

 American Friends Service Committee                $1,500

Friends Committee on National  Legislation     $1,100

 Project Lakota (St. Louis Friends  Meeting)     $1,750

 Associated Committee of Friends for  Indian Affairs  $760

 Cuban church repairs          $400

FUM (Nugent/Rehard support)                          $800

 New England Yearly Meeting Young  Friends $400

 Jeannette Rankin Peace Center (Montana)        $800


Brad Hathaway

Quaker Missions, PO Box 795, Mattapoisett, MA

The seed for the Quaker Missions Project was planted at New England Meeting in 1996 during a workshop about FWCC (Friends World Committee for Consultation). It took more than six months to begin to gather used postage stamps clipped from mail with the intent they could be sold to raise money for FWCC and worldwide "good works" sponsored by Right Sharing of World Resources, International Quaker Aid and others. There was an article by Hank Seaman of the New Bedford Standard Times on Brad Hathaway and the Stamp ministry in 2001. Check it out at the Standard Times Web site.

Brad Hathaway is once again managing the Quaker Missions Project. He appreciates your donation of stamps which, for now, will be used to renovate the historic Mattapoisett Friends Meeting. Please send stamps to Brad at:

87 Aucoot Rd.

Mattapoisett, MA 02739

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Stamp Ministry

Quaker Missions Project of Mattapoisett, MA

Here aresome tips that will help the Quaker Missions Project:

In addition to stamps we also recycle Box Tops for Education; picture postcards and government postal cards in their entirety; old and new covers of philatelic value; historical paper including photographs, documents, prints, autographs, etc. Please query if you have any questions. Do not remove stamps from very old letters, as the envelopes and letters can have considerable value.
 Please do not save any of the 41cent,  small Flag stamps or the Liberty Bell forever stamps. It is not cost effective to mail them to us. All other stamps, domestic and foreign, are welcome. And please use commemorative stamps on all of your letters and packages. The bulk of our income is from used commemoratives. Postage meters are worthless to us.

Encourage other Friends in your meeting to take part. Better still, have a "stamp collector" volunteer to lead a meeting-wide effort to collect, remembering we get the best return on used U.S. and foreign commemoratives (although all stamps can be sold). If you have relatives and/or friends overseas, ask them if they will be "collectors" in their neighborhood.

Use special care in clipping or tearing stamps from envelopes. Obviously damaged stamps (clipped perforations, tears, thinned paper because stamps have been peeled from envelopes, etc.) have no resale value and should not be sent. Clip neatly around the stamps, leaving about 1/8 inch margin. Do NOT soak the stamps off the paper.

Use commemorative stamps on all of your mail and encourage your correspondents to do the same. (We realize nothing from postage meters). You can ask for them at your post office as well as you can the regular stamps, which are of far less value.

 Make contact with a business or businesses that receive a lot of bill payments by mail and clip the commemoratives. If you know of someone who gets foreign mail tell them about the project.

Should any of you have any questions, please contact

Earl Walker
Claremont Friends Meeting
449 Alamosa Dr.
Claremont, CA 91711-1942

 We thank you for taking part, look for your continuing support and want you to know you are needed more than ever.

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