Thank you to contractor Tom Figueiredo and associates and architect Joe Booth and associates for a great job on our reconstruction project!

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"Friends, meet together and know one another in that which is eternal, which was before the world was."
- George Fox

We invite you to share the hospitality of our Meeting House and join us in our unprogrammed Meeting Sundays at 9:30. As Quakers, we gather together in silence, opening our hearts and minds to divine love and guidance. We ask that you listen attentively, both to the remarkable harmony of the silence and to the ministry that may arise from it.

We agree that:

  • There is that of God in every human being.
  • Direct communication with the Divine is possible as one opens oneself to it.
  • Simplicity, equality, and peace are ideals worth striving for both in our own lives and in our outreach to the world.

We are a welcoming and affirming community.

Practical considerations for those attending meeting for the first time:

Please come a bit early and settle in. There is ramp access on the left side of the building. We are not being unfriendly if we don't greet you at the start; once in the meeting it is our practice to begin to settle into worshipful silence even if it is before 9:30. We have a member whose ministry is to play the organ at the start of meeting.  We have coffee and snacks after worship in our community hall. 


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